Login to Your Knorish Account

This article shows you how to log in to your Knorish Account. Once you log in, you can begin customizing your site and build, launch and sell your own online courses with your own branding.

Covered In This Article

Find your domain and Knorish account to Login

There are multiple ways to login to your knorish account. This method below shows you how to find your knorish account and login in case you don’t have the account URL available.

  • Visit knorish.com
  • Click on Login
  • Enter registered email ID
  • Once the site has opened in your browser tab, click on Login
  • Enter the email address and password used to register your Knorish account. Click Login
  • You can also reset your password by clicking on Forgot Password

Common login issues

  • Forgot password: In case you’ve forgotten your password, and can't login, visit Recover your knorish account password.
  • Forgot registered email address: In case you don’t remember the email used to sign up on Knorish, please raise a ticket by here. Do share your name, account domain URL, phone number and your concern in detail. Please also share any other relevant account information, if known or readily available.
  • Account locked: Multiple invalid login attempt (4-5 attempts) may lock your account for 24 hours.
    Account Locked
    To unlock your account prior to 24 hours, the user needs to reset password by clicking on the provided link on lockout screen. Upon successful password reset, system removes the lock.
  • Did not receive a password reset email: Any time a password reset request is generated, the platform automatically sends an email to the email listed on the account. In case you don’t receive the email:
    • Check your email's promotions, spam, junk or trash folder.
    • Do add noreply@knorishmails.com to your email account address book and then try the password reset again.
  • Account not found: In case you are sure that an account was created and not able to trace it, please feel free to raise a ticket here.