Paypal Integration

This article shares step by step information on how to get started with Paypal as a payment gateway, connect your Paypal account with Knorish to automate payment collection and assign courses.


  • Paypal domestic business in India is closed hence INR currency will not be processed, USD currency will continue to work.

What's covered in this FAQ:

Integrating Paypal Payment Gateway

Setting up Paypal Account 

IMP. Note: To test the gateway functionality on your site, select Sandbox first and follow the steps below. Once satisfied with the Integration, please select the Live option and repeat the process to ensure proper integration.

  1. Go to & log in with your PayPal with business account
  2. If you don’t have an existing PayPal business account, you can sign-up for a free business account on PayPal here
  3. Log in to the developer dashboard with your credentials
  4. Go to ‘My apps & credentials’
  5. Create a new app under the ‘App’ section, for your reference we have created one with the name of ‘Live App’ 
  6. Copy the ‘Client ID’ & the ‘Secret’ & follow the steps as highlighted in the next section.

Note: Do make sure to complete your KYC verification with PayPal first and only then will you be able to accept payments from your customers. You can find the guide to complete your KYC verification here

Integrating the Paypal gateway with Knorish


  1. Login to your Knorish site
  2. Go to settings > Integrations > Payment Gateway
  3. Copy the Client ID and secret and paste it in the respective sections under the Paypal Payment Gateway in your Knorish dashboard 
  4. Click on Connect

Integrate webhooks

Follow the steps as highlighted below to integrate webhooks with your PayPal gateway integrated on your website on Knorish:

  1. After integrating Paypal with Knorish, scroll down and click on Add Webhook
  2. Login to your Knorish dashboard and copy the Webhook URL as in the video 
  3. Paste the Webhook URL in the URL section
  4. Select ‘Payment Capture Completed’. ( Do not select any other options here)
  5. Click on Save 

This would finally complete the PayPal integration process.