How to price a course on my Knorish site?

This article shows you how to price your course on your Knorish site. One key benefit of the Knorish platform is that depending upon the user's location the pricing can be shown automatically in INR or USD at the payment stage. 

Note:  Please ensure to mention all prices in USD as well to ensure that your course pricing is visible to international users in USD for ease of payment.


Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Go to Course>Courses
  2. Click on Course to Price
  3. Click on Settings>Course Settings
  4. Scroll to INR Price/ USD Price
  5. Fill in INR Price and/or USD Price
  6. Scroll to the bottom, go to Next
  7. Click on Publish Course

    Important Considerations 

    • Paid courses can’t be priced any less than $1 or ₹1 else the transaction will fail. 
    • INR Price: To set the price in INR simply type in the INR value.
    • USD Price:  To set the price in USD simply type in the USD value.
    • When a course price is changed after a coupon is created, the coupons are delinked and removed from the dashboard. You would be required to recreate such coupons again.
    • Ensure you have fully uploaded the course content and your landing pages are finalized before hitting the 'Publish' button.