Why do we have reCaptcha auto-enabled on Knorish sites?

The reCaptcha feature is an auto-enabled feature on all Knorish sites by default that helps keep your site safe against the dangers of spam or any other digital abuse. This article aims to highlight this feature’s overall importance for our users. 

reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep malicious software from engaging in abusive activities on your website. Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to log in, make purchases, view pages, or create accounts and fake users will be blocked.

How reCaptcha Works? 

The feature is auto-enabled and implemented on user’s sign-up and sign-in pages. It will display for both the default sign up / sign-in page plus on your checkout sign up / sign-in page. When a reCAPTCHA gets enabled, the logo will be seen in the bottom right corner as above to indicate that your site is protected by reCAPTCHA. 

What happens when reCaptcha is enabled?

  1. With the reCAPTCHA enabled, Knorish uses Google's algorithm to determine any considered suspicious activity on the user site and if so, the sign-in / sign-up page shows the reCAPTCHA questions that typically include selecting and verifying a series of images to match any specific item.  
  2. This reCAPTCHA usually doesn’t reappear or require the users to complete the CAPTCHA multiple times. So you don’t have to worry about you or your students being delayed in signing up or signing in. 
  3. You or your user may be requested to complete the reCAPTCHA question if they fail to sign in multiple times such as typing in the incorrect password repeatedly. Or having used the wrong user name to sign in, etc. 

Why did Knorish add reCaptcha? 

Adding in a reCAPTCHA feature is intended to help to keep your site safe from any online abuse or spam! It auto-detects any suspicious activities on your site before any harmful impact that’ll have on your site. Recaptcha ensures that you and your users are kept shielded. 

In particular, the reCAPTCHA protects you against a credential stuffing attempt, which is when someone takes a list of stolen usernames, password combinations from another breached platform, and attempts those credential combinations on your site. 

No wonder reCAPTCHA is now the most recommended and common safety measure that progressive platforms use to maintain user security and trust.