Recover lost changes/ Undo edits

While working on your website, it is important to keep on saving your progress as you move ahead. However, there can be times when something goes wrong and the last few changes are not saved. For example, if the internet has issues, laptop shuts down or some other things of that sort. For this reason, the Revision Feature has been launched that allows you to restore the last saved changes on any of the pages.

How to use the feature:

The feature is already active on your account.

Whenever you save a page on your site, the platform automatically saves the version in the revisions feature which can be accessed by clicking on the Revisions Button highlighted below.

Access Revisions:

Login to your Knorish account and access the publisher dashboard. Under Website Builder, Click on Pages. 

Once you have the list of the pages, click on the Revisions button to access the list of saved revisions. 

All versions are saved by the date of creation. Select the version you wish to install and click Restore. Once you get the completion message, the page would have been restored to the configuration.