How to share or submit a new feature request on Knorish?

Share your ideas and features you would like to see available on Knorish, or simply provide feedback on how we can enhance your experience.  

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What Is A Feature Request

A feature request is when you ask for something new or better in Knorish, like a cool functionality, tool or a helpful change, to make it work even smoother for you. It's like suggesting an upgrade or a tweak to make your experience using Knorish even more awesome!

If you take the time to submit your product feedback to us or submit new feature requests, it means you are equally invested in growing your business with Knorish. So now you have the influence on how we develop Knorish over time to make it the perfect superapp that we have envisioned Knorish as.

This not only empowers you to contribute to our evolution but also ensures that knorish continues to meet your dynamic needs. 

How To Submit a New Feature Request

Submitting a feature request on knorish is a straightforward process designed to ensure your ideas are heard and considered. Whether you have an idea for a new functionality, an improvement to existing functionality, or a completely innovative feature, knorish makes it easy to share your suggestions.

Here’s how to get started and request a new feature 

  • Log into your Knorish account to begin the process.
  • Click on the announcement icon to access the latest updates and announcements.
  • Select 'See All Changes' to review recent updates and modifications on the platform.
  • Click on 'Feedback' to navigate to the area where you can submit your ideas and suggestions.
  • Under 'Share your feedback', provide a contextual title for your feature request and detail what the feature should do, explaining how it will benefit knorish users.
  • Click on 'Create Post' to submit your feature request to the knorish team.

Edit or delete your submission:

  • Click on 'Feedback' again, where you originally submitted your request.
  • Find your submission among the feedback entries.
  • Choose 'Edit Post' to make changes to your text, or select 'Delete' if you wish to remove your suggestion entirely.

Check Request Status

You can both submit and vote for the feature requests that will benefit your business on the Knorish Ideas page.

Feature Request Page

This will also subscribe you to the updates for the features you are most interested in. 


  • Upon submission of the request, the team will review it for applicability as per the roadmap.
  • Based on the approval, the feature request will be placed in the appropriate category of In Review, Under Process or Completed as the case may be.
  • If you reach out directly to our Support or Customer Success teams, they can help look up the ideas for you and submit requests, but they may not have any additional information or be able to provide an estimate for when your feature request will be live. However, you will be able to see the category it is in and also see which of the features are currently under process or have been completed.