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Help! My email is suspended. What to do?

You created the perfect processes to send emails to users. Imported users, created funnels, and sent emails that transformed your business. First sales, then more. Everything is on track.
 Suddenly, a notification: your email sending is suspended.
 Why? What happened??
Don't panic.
You're not necessarily a spammer.

Please note:

  1. Knorish does not allow sending cold marketing emails. This is strictly NO and can result in immediate suspension of your account.
  2. You should only target users you know, and they expect your emails.
  3. Your email list should be active users, cleaned, and correct.

Why even good senders could have their email suspended?

  1. Unintentional Mistakes: Harmless actions, like uploading the wrong marketing list, can trigger high bounce rates or complaints.
  2. Misaligned Content: Sending content that recipients aren't expecting might lead to unusually high unsubscribes.
  3. Unintended Consequences: Certain seemingly harmless actions can surprisingly impact your email deliverability. For example, if you send content that's not aligned with what your subscribers signed up for – like adding fashion tips to a healthy recipe newsletter – you might see increased unsubscribes and spam complaints, negatively affecting your sender's reputation. 

What triggers an email suspension on Knorish?

Suspensions are triggered by events that put your reputation at risk: high bounce rates, spam complaints, abuse complaints, high unsubscribe rates, unusual (possibly fraudulent) account activity, and other important deliverability signals. As a result, you will not be able to send any emails during your suspension. This is for your protection.

The following deliverability signals for successful sending and actions that might lead to email suspension on Knorish.
  • Bounces: Knorish’s limit for hard bounces is 5% of the total emails sent in the last 24 hours. Anything over that will result in email suspension. Well-vetted lists should never exceed 2% hard bounces.
  • Spam/complaints: A spam complaint is when a recipient clicks the “report spam” button while viewing your email. Knorish’s limit for spam complaints is 0.2% (1 per 500 emails sent) in the last 24 hours.
  • Unsubscribes: While unsubscribes are certainly a reality in email marketing, excessive unsubscribes indicate that there is a problem. Normal unsubscribe rates are between 0.5% and 2.0%. Knorish automatically suspends email service when unsubscribe rate is above 2% in the last 24 hours.
  • Abuse complaints: An abuse complaint is when a recipient directly reaches out to Knorish to complain, either by the helpline, email, or support ticket. All abuse complaints are treated seriously and investigated. However, a single abuse complaint will not automatically result in email suspension.
  • Block listings: If your emails are the cause of an IP blocklisting you will be suspended immediately. Based on Knorish’s investigation, your account could even be terminated. If your personal sending domain is blocklisted, your account could be suspended if the potential impact could spread beyond your account or if the block is with a major mailbox provider.
  • Excessive service use: If you exceed our established usage limits by sending excessively high emails, your account might undergo temporary suspension and review.

What to do if your email is suspended?

First, take a deep breath and stay calm. Unless you're intentionally sending spam, the issue can be resolved. 

⚠️ Important Note: 

  1. Don't send emails to users not expecting your email.
  2. Before requesting suspension renewal, remove user emails marked as risky and those who haven't interacted with your emails for over six months from your lists and from Knorish.
  3. Review the number of emails you send daily to a user, best practice here is, you should not send more than 1 email per user. This practice will increase the email open rate.

To request suspension removal, please reach out to our support teams here: Raise a ticket or send in an email to support@knorish.com. 


Note: In the correspondence, please ensure to list compelling reasons why your suspension should be lifted. Once received, our team will review the details and confirm if the suspension can be removed. 

Armed with this fresh knowledge, you shouldn't face suspension again. Please keep your email list clean and use ethical practices. 

For more tips, read our blog post here: Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing For Online Courses