How to restore/ remove previous versions of a page on my site?

As you make changes to any page on your website, the changes are saved under Pages in the website builder as a collated list, each with a date and timestamp in the UTC time zone. In case you wish to restore a previous version of a page on your site, follow the steps below 

Restoring or Clearing Revisions On My Site

You can revert to a previous version of your page revisions and undo a saved action. That also means if you accidentally deleted a lesson/chapter, you’re able to restore it. Here’re the steps:

  1. Go to website builder>pages 
  2. Select the page>revisions 
  3. View Date|Time version of revisions
  4. Checkmark to restore or clear

Note: As we do not store backups in a way that we can revert an individual lesson to its previous content, only application-wide backups. For this reason, we recommend keeping a backup of your original files and content on your desktop.