How to restore/ remove previous versions of a page on my site?

In case you wish to restore a previous version of a page on your site, follow these steps.

As you make changes to any page on your website, the changes are saved under Pages in the website builder as a collated list, each with a date and timestamp in the UTC time zone. 

Restoring or Clearing Revisions On My Site

You can revert to a previous version of your page revisions and undo a saved action. Here’re the steps:

  1. Go to website builder>pages 
  2. Select the page>revisions 
  3. View Date|Time version of revisions
  4. Checkmark to restore or clear

Restoring Old Pages After Installing A New Theme

After your website is designed, if you happen to change the theme intentionally or in error, you can still access the older pages in your Dashboard.

Note: Installing a new theme again removes all custom CSS and js from the previous theme and the existing menu is refreshed. 

To restore the older pages after you have changed the theme, here're the steps listed : 

  1. Go to Dashboard > Website Builder > Pages
  2. Search for the older pages and to add them back to the menu bar 
  3. Click on the Edit icon under Action against the page
  4. Scroll down and select the options ‘Display in top menu’ and ‘Publish this page'
  5. Click on Save 

To delete the newer pages from the new theme installed


  1. Click on the Delete icon under Action against the page
  2. Re-enter the name of the page and confirm by clicking on ‘Yes, Delete it.’

Note:  As we do not store backups in a way that we can revert an individual lesson to its previous content, only application-wide backups. For this reason, we recommend keeping a backup of your original files and content on your desktop.