SEO Capabilities and Functionalities On Knorish

This is a detailed article on the SEO capabilities available on your Knorish Site - A Complete Checklist of On Page SEO functionalities that are available on Knorish.

Several functionalities already exist for Knorish users to enable a robust On- Page SEO that helps them rank high on google. Not just for their sites but also for the blog articles written by them. Mentioned below is a detailed list of all the functionalities that are available on Knorish Vs Wordpress. Do remember that while a lot of these are available on Wordpress as available, however more often than not, one would need a skilled wordpress developer or a digital marketeer to help with the Website development and the SEO for it. 

However, Knorish has been specifically built for anyone and everyone to go online and start reaching out to customers. As a DIY platform, we have built the functionalities keeping in mind that one should not need coding knowledge to build a robust website.

Here are the details of functionalities available via Knorish:

  On-Page SEO functionalities Knorish Wordpress
1 Mobile first websites Default Skilled developer required
2 HTTPS Websites Yes. Super Easy Skilled developer required


Why is HTTPS: Important - Security: And even Google says its important for them for sites to have HTTPS: 

On Page SEO Functionalities Available on Knorish (Contd.)


As we build a more robust platform, we will keep collecting user feedback and requests and continue to create new functionalities that would enable our users to create a really powerful online business using Knorish.

In case there are other features that you would like Knorish to create or have, please contact our support teams and we will be happy to help.