Enable social sign in with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

Get learners or visitors to sign up and log in to your site faster with one click social sign up using Google, LinkedIn or Facebook Sign In option.

Here is how you can provide your users with social login options when they signup/login for your site at Knorish!

You can allow your users to securely access your Knorish sites by enabling signup/ login through Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.


Social Sign In Video Student Login

Here's How to Turn On Your Social Login

Social Sign In Video Student Login
  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Signup and Login
  2. Under Social Sign, up & Login, check off the boxes for any of the social login options you would like to avail.

Once enabled, your users can choose to signup/ log in with these options on your signup and login pages.

Important Considerations

  • When a user clicks on any social option, the system will check if the user is registered or not, if not registered it will automatically register the user and login user at the same time. If the user is already registered, it will automatically log in.
  • If a user later decides to use an email/ password combination instead of social login, you can guide them to use the forgot password option on your login page.
  • If you are an administrator or IAM user of the knorish site, you can also use any social options for day-to-day login.