Stripe Integration

This article shares step-by-step information on how to get started with Stripe as a payment gateway, connect your Stripe account with Knorish to automate payment collection and assign courses.


  • Stripe can process a minimum of INR 1 & $0.50 USD. For more updated details, please refer to Stripe documentation.

How to integrate Stripe Payment Gateway with your site

A. Setting up your account with Stripe

  1. Sign up or Log in ( Check here for Stripe Supported Countries)
  2. Activate your account, if not already
  3. Go to Developers> API Keys on Dashboard

    image (14)-1
  4. Copy your Standard keys to integrate on the Knorish site

B. Steps to follow on your Knorish site

  1. Login to your course-site
  2. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Integrations > Payment Gateway.
  3. On Stripe Payment Gateway Integration enter the downloaded publishable key id/ secret key details
  4. Click Save 

C. Addition of webhook URL (Required)

Ensuring a smooth integration, Webhooks help Stripe perform better, connect seamlessly for data flow, and more. This step is to be completed on Stripe, to enable webhook select the following events:
and URL

image (1) (1)

Note: When the user purchases a subscription using Stripe, it does not support card change and the user will have to cancel the active subscription and purchase again using their new card.