How to switch off the menu on a landing page

As a creator on Knorish, you have the option to easily switch on & off the menu on a specific page. This is usually done on landing pages where the site traffic is coming from an ad and only 1 specific action is required to be done on the page. As such, turning off the menu forces the site visitor to either close the page or just complete the desired action.

To do so, follow the steps as highlighted below:

  1. Log in to your account on Knorish & access the dashboard.
  2. In the toolbar on the left, click on “Pages” under the “Website Builder” dropdown
  3. From the list of the pages, scroll right on the page, and click on the 4th Icon (pencil icon in green)
  4. On this new page, scroll down to the bottom & uncheck the 2 boxes (“Display in top menu, “Display top menu on page”
  5. Click “Save” & the necessary changes will be made on your website.