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Understanding and navigating the Editor’s Dashboard

The Editor’s dashboard has the following website-building features that comprise 6 sub-menus being briefly discussed here: 


  • Pages

    • Access to all the webpages that have been permitted to the user to customize or work upon.
    • Editors can add a new page or an external link and use the Actions panel to perform various other functions such as edit, duplicating, editing with a visual builder, or revising a certain page.
  • Menu Manager

    • Enables the editor to change the positioning of the menu items,  drag and drop them in order to rearrange them or turn them into a certain menu or a sub-menu.
  • Site Settings

    • Helps a creator to add changes or preview logos and favicons in addition to altering the menu design by inculcating changes to the menu bar, text color and backgrounds. 
  • File Manager

    • Lets you add and upload files that can be videos or images without compromising on your content quality.
    • Also enables you to view all of the files that have been uploaded to your website with the help of File Manager. 
  • Custom Header Code | Custom Footer Code

    • Lets the Editor embed code into the page header or the body.
    • CSS code can also be stored in a file and displayed on the header of each page once you save those changes.