User Engagement

Analytics include the overview of performance, course view, assessment, the status of certificate downloads, etc for the benefit of the course creators. This information over here would help you to learn how to access and understand the various course reports available in the feature.

Covered In This Article

How does the user engagement feature work?

  1. Login to the dashboard and Select Users > User Engagement
    On this page, you can see the total number of courses, users, assessments and certificates issued
  2. To get a filtered and detailed overview of the analytics
    • Select the relevant date range
    • Select the course  if you wish to see course-specific results

How To Check If User Has Downloaded The Course Certificate

  • As shown in the video above, under the certificate  select ''Not selected’’ or ‘’Downloaded’’ or ‘’Not downloaded'' as needed 
  • And click on Search

Upon scrolling down further, you will see user-wise data of days taken to complete the course, their course progress and assessment progress in terms of percentage, and the last watched date.

Note: Engaged Users - This number shows the number of users who have started watching the course(s). If sections/chapters are deleted/updated in the course, this number will be updated accordingly. 

  • The days to complete field will show 0 in case the user does not yet complete the course
  • You can also copy up to 100 entries at a time. If there are more than 100 entries, then you will have to switch to the next page and download the data again
  • Additionally, after selecting the date range, you can also export the entire data set in one go by clicking on the export

Using these Analytic Reports, the course creators, Instructors & site admins can keep a tab on course progress, track whether the user(s) have downloaded the certificate or not, and much more.