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How Your Learners Can Use The Android App

Experience a seamless, one-touch learning experience your learners can take anywhere now. Watch videos, read notes, and more on the go.

This article will show you how to use the Android app as an enrolled learner in a course with us. 

NOTE: You must be an enrolled learner with us to access the Android app

A. Download the Android App 


  1. Go to the Play Store on your device 
  2. Search for <Your Academy>  (or simply click the shared link to be redirected)
  3. Click Install

B. Using the Android App

  1. After downloading the app, open the app by selecting the Academy icon from your Android home screen
  2. As a new Android app user, you will be brought to the login screen


3. Enter the email address and password associated with your academy’s account.

4. You will be brought to all your current course enrollments accessible through your Academy. 


5. Select the course you wish to view

6. You will be brought to the course area, where you can start to work through your assigned course content.

Note: You can’t register or sign up for the courses on the app. Only sign-ins & view course content. 

Here’s What You Can Do More
Inside The App 

  • Access all your courses on Knorish Accounts-enabled schools
  • Stream videos and view handouts/worksheets while on the go
  • Pick up where you left off: your course progress is automatically synced between the Android app and your Knorish academy
  • Easily hop from lecture to lecture, and course to course
  • Take lecture quizzes and assignments
  • Watch lectures on the go and stay on track
  • Download course content (if downloadable content is available in that course) 

NOTE: At this time, you cannot access chats from within the Knorish Android app.

Troubleshooting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I not shown the signup page?
    It is a consumption app, made on-demand - you would be able to only sign in. 
  • I don’t remember my password? 
    In case your learner forgets the password, please ask the learner to click on forgot password button on the login page. 
  • Can I adjust the video playback speed?
    Yes, you can do it inside Settings, under Playback Speed.