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How to enable UTM Parameters Tracking on Knorish (for ads performance debugging)?

This feature will allow users to monitor the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

Knorish can now save UTM parameters passed by ads to the landing page to checkout and the publisher can download the same from the "Course transactions" and "Bundle transactions" pages inside the 'Earning' menu.


  • UTM parameter tracking is not compatible with the new page builder features.
  • We support UTM parameter tracking for course and bundle sales, both through regular checkout and express checkout.

What is UTM?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters are five variants of URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media. By tagging your URLs with UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module), you can understand how your visitors interact with your website. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to add UTM parameters so you can track everything.

Currently, Knorish can process the below listed UTM parameters (for all successful checkout/purchases only):

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • utm_content

And here’s how these UTM parameters appear at the end of your URL:

How to configure Knorish for UTM data tracking?

Knorish will not capture UTM data automatically. You will have to configure a CSS class ‘kn-utmtracking’ on all call-to-action buttons (that is on all checkout buttons) on your landing page. If you miss any call-to-action buttons, that will not capture 100% data. Here's a sample checkout link generated by Knorish with a CSS class ‘kn-utmtracking’ added.

This sample code has Course and Bundle checkout links with CSS class ‘kn-utmtracking’.

Use case 1: How to capture UTM data sent by the ads on the Knorish dashboard?

In order to see the UTM data sent by the ads on your Knorish dashboard, please follow the below steps:

  1. Enable UTM tracking on the ad manager platform as it is not enabled by default.

2.     Open the Landing page from the Ad and once you get redirected to the Landing page created on Knorish, add 'kn-utmtracking' class with the checkout link (call to action button) to enable                UTM tracking.

Watch the video below to understand how to do this on Knorish



  1. If UTM tracking is not enabled on the ad manager platform or the class is not updated on the Call to Action, it will not push any UTM data to the Knorish dashboard.
  2. There could be several reasons due to which there UTM data may not be available against a transaction/ conversion after downloading the data from the Course/Bundle transactions page:
    • UTM was not enabled on the ad manager platform
    • 'kn-utmtracking' class was not added to the Call to Action buttons
    • Organic traffic and conversions (traffic and potential leads that visit your website from unpaid sources)

Use case 2: How to check which Call to Action button is performing the best of all other Call to Action buttons on the same landing page?

In order to use this feature, add utm_source query string with all call-to-action buttons on the same landing page. This will save the data provided with the utm_source query string.

This sample code has Course and Bundle checkout links with CSS class ‘kn-utmtracking’ along with utm_source pre-defined in the call-to-action links.

How to add the utm_source query string with the Call to Action button?

  • Click on the Edit link on the button on which you want to add the utm_source query
  • In the Link section, where the generated course payment link ends, add ‘’&utm_source=landing_page_button1’’
  • Add the utm_source query for the following buttons with ‘’&utm_source=landing_page_button2’’ and so on. 

Note: If you wish to add more details like utm_medium or other such parameters, simply add ‘’&utm_medium=[name]’’ in the button link. 

How to download the data from the Knorish dashboard?

Once the setup is done for use case 1 or use case 2, in order to download the data from your Knorish dashboard, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the dashboard
  • Select Transactions > Earning
  • Select Course Transactions or Bundle Transactions 
  • Apply the filters such as Date range or course name etc 
  • Download the data by clicking on CSV or Excel

This feature will enable publishers to track UTM parameters, monitor the effectiveness of their online campaigns, optimize their advertising efforts, attract still more traffic to their courses, and maximize their earnings potential on Knorish's platform.