How to verify domain ownership via DNS record and get site indexed by google faster

In case you wish to verify domain ownership via DNS Records or if you are trying to get your site indexed faster, this can be done very easily by using Google Search Console and your cloudflare account.

Please follow the steps listed below to enable domain verification and site indexing

Use the link: Google Search Console Link

Google search console

Here, simply type in the domain name you have purchased without 'www' or 'https'. 


Here, copy the code received and head to your cloudflare account.


google search code addition on Cloudflare

Now, simply login to your cloudflare account, click on DNS. And under Type, select TXT. Under Name, as the image suggests, type in @. Under content, simply paste the code received from Google search console and click Save.  Once done, the domain ownership will be verified and your site will be indexed by Google faster as well.