How to upload video thumbnails, add subtitles, see analytics or download my videos?

This article shows you how to use the video library feature on Knorish to update video titles, thumbnails and subtitles for videos uploaded in courses, and any other video uploaded in your knorish account. Additionally, you have the option to download the videos at any time.

Covered in this article

How to access the video library?

Adding thumbnails, changing video titles, subtitles or analytics can be done by accessing the video library. Here's a step by step video on how to do all of this:

  • Log into your Knorish account
  • Access the dashboard
  • Click on Courses
  • Create a new course, if starting from scratch or access an existing course
  • In your course, create a section, a chapter and upload your video.
  • Go back to the Courses tab.
  • Click on Video Library to see all uploaded videos

Change video title

To edit the video name, under video library simply change the title of the video as listed below: 

Edit Video Title

  • Find the specific video you want to rename
  • Click on the edit icon next to it
  • Enter the new file name to save the changes

Update video thumbnail

It's a good practice to update video thumbnails to add more context to the video. Here's how to add a custom thumbnail.

update custom video thumbnail

  • Click On Change or the + Icon to update a new thumbnail
  • Select your thumbnail file from your system
  • Select the area of the image you want to update as your thumbnail

Update subtitles/ SRT files

You can also add subtitles in multiple languages. For each language, a subtitle file has to be added separately. Many video editing tools give you the option to download subtitle files. In the video shared in the beginning of this article, we have covered an easy option wherein you will be able to download the Subtitles (SRT Files) from YouTube as unlisted videos. Here're the steps on how to do this:

  • Upload the video on YouTube Studio as an unlisted or private video
  • After the video is uploaded and rendered, click on the video name to access the video settings section
Youtube Studio SRT file download
  • Click on Subtitles
  • Click on the ⋮ icon and then on Download to download the SRT file
  • In the video library section for the video, select the language under Captions
Update SRT Files
  • Upload the SRT file
  • Click Save

How to track analytics

The video library also shows you total views, average watch time and the total watch time of the video.  

You can check for these details under each video to measure the efficacy of your videos and how much of the video content is being consumed.  

  • Access the Video Library
  • Select the video
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Video analytics for that specific video will be available for you

Download videos from Video Library

Downloading videos from your Video Library on Knorish is a straightforward process that allows you to easily access and manage your course content. Here's how:

NOTE: The video download links are publicly accessible and permitted only for the site admin to download. We request that the video links remain private exclusively. If the video links are shared with others, they will become permanently public, and Knorish will be unable to alter the URLs, make them private, or assume responsibility for any such sharing or disclosure.

  • Access the Knorish Dashboard
  • Click Video Library under Courses
  • Find your video
  • Click on Download from the options available under Actions on the right
  • Or click Edit and in the video details page, click on Download

💡 Important Considerations

  1. Video thumbnail image format should be: JPG, JPEG, or PNG in the dimensions of 1920x1080px
  2. YouTube SRT Files are auto generated when the language used in the video is English.
  3. There are several SRT Files generators available that you may use to generate your subtitles such as, HappyScribe, Adobe Premiere Pro and others.