What is the 403 error and when does this happen?

If you ever come across the 403 error it is because the firewall blocks the user for a 5 minutes rolling period. That is, every second 1 request continues for 5 minutes from the same IP address which is a very unusual pattern. However, after 5 minutes it will start working again. If the firewall observes this attempt (block/unblock) multiple times, that IP address could be completely blocked forever.


  • These firewalls are placed in the interest of your site and asset's safety.
  • This process protects everyone at the same time without letting intruders or hackers take advantage of it.

How can we disable the 403 error?

Although this will never create an issue for any of your users as we have studied this for years, in a few cases when multiple users of your site are using the platform from the same IP address. We support this use-case on request. To do so, you must have a Knorish annual subscription and get a static, dedicated IP address from your internet service provider, which we will then whitelist. Please raise your request at support@knorish.com.