Why do I need a password to sign up?

We live in a digital world where we’re accustomed to usernames and passwords as a standard security measure. Your username is your unique identification. It maps you to your profile so that when you return to the site you know how to get in. Passwords act as authentication that it’s you.

That’s the simplest way to understand the need for a username, password for signing up.

Standard Good Practices For Creating A Stronger Password 

  1. Never use the same password for multiple sites. Remember the password you’re asked to create has nothing to do with your emails or other sites. You’ve to come up with distinct ones for every signup.
  2. Avoid using personally identifiable keywords.  While your phone nos. or your name for example is easy to keep track of but this is certainly not a safe bet for you to act on. 
  3. Use combinations of various characters. Instead of opting for just letters only or using just the numbers —  opt for variations such as  %, @, $, uppercase and lowercase letters, or so on.
  4. Use a long password. Preferably between 5-60 characters.
  5. Refresh your passwords periodically. As a standard rule, it’s good practice to change out all of your passwords at least every 2 months. And try to not reuse your old passwords. 
  6. Never share or save your passwords. Please avoid sharing your passwords with other people, however, be trusted.
  7. Consider using a password manager. For better management of your passwords, you can explore reliable resources such as Google Password Manager and other password management solutions.

Rest assured, your privacy and the security of your data is always our primary concern. And that is why we adhere to stringent data security measures and protocols. Here’s more you can read on that aspect: How Knorish ensures the Security of Data?

Until usernames and passwords are universally replaced with something more secure plus convenient, it’s in the user’s best interest to follow the best practices we just discussed.