How to add a custom pop up on your site for lead generation using MailChimp?

In this article, we will show you how to add pop ups on your Knorish Site. Pop Ups generally are used to capture email IDs for leads generation and future email and digital marketing. 

Here's how you can enable this

creating pop up

  1. Integrate Mailchimp: To integrate Mailchimp on your site, refer to this FAQ: Mailchimp Integration
  2. Create Pop Ups - Use this tutorial: add a pop-up to your website

Note: When the pop up shows up is of important consideration. This is listed in the faq linked above. You can select when you want the pop up to show

- after 5 seconds

- after 10 seconds

- on exit

- Scroll to the middle of the page

Delete/Edit the popup

Anytime you wish to delete, head back to Mailchimp and follow the steps listed here: Publish or unpublish your Pop up form