Add or Import Users

Add Users/ Import Users feature is a quick and easy way to add learners to your Knorish account and give access to courses in bulk.

With the Add User option, you can give access to courses to one learner at a time, and with the Import Users option, you can bulk import a list and give access to courses to all in the list in one go. 

This article goes over how to add/ import users to your dashboard manually and via the bulk importer. 

A. Adding A Single User And Assigning A Course

Creators can manually add one learner at a time following the process below. 

Add User On Publisher Dashboards

To add a learner manually and assign a course, follow the steps

  1. Go to Dashboard> Users > Add User
  2. Fill in Name, Email, Mobile Number
  3. Select the Course in Assign a Course 
  4. Opt to select Send an Invitation Mail To Create A Password 
  5. Select Assign a course
  6. Select the Course from the drop-down to add a course.
  1. The name and email fields are required for the learners so is the country code for the mobile number.
  2. Selecting - Send an Invitation Mail to Create a Password enables the assigned learners to be able to reset the password.
  3. In case you don't want any course to be assigned, select - Do not assign a course

B. Import Users

Before you can run a bulk import, you will need to make sure you have a spreadsheet prepared. Here’s how to do that:

Preparing Your Import File For Bulk Uploads

You can download a sample template from the Import Users section from the file for reference:

Note: Your import template must have the following:

  • Columns that must include Name, Email Address, and Phone number. 

  • The first row of your columns must be column header names (ie. Name, Email ID, and Phone Number).
  • Add the data of the names, email IDs, and the mobile number with country code in the respective columns. 
  • Your import file must be saved as a . CSV file and have the >CSV extension
  • Include a maximum of 500 students per import. Please split the file into multiple imports or contact support if you are looking to regularly import a larger number of students.
  • You can still opt to manually add users by clicking “To add a single user click here” on Import Users Page 

How to Import Users In Bulk 

For importing more than one learner on the dashboard you can opt to bulk import users. Here’re the steps to follow: 

Import Users In Bulk
  1. Go to Dashboard> Users> Import Users 
  2. Download the sample template.
  3. Add the user data in the file in the format listed above
  4. Once the import file is ready, click on Add CSV File 
  5. You will be asked to Map CSV File Columns 

    Select “Name” in SELECT NAME IN CSV FILE 

     Select “Email” in SELECT EMAIL IN CSV FILE 

     Select “Phone” in SELECT PHONE IN CSV FILE

  6. Click on Display Users

  7. Select the Course in Assign a Course 

  8. Click on “Import Users”

The users will be imported and in case the option ‘Send an Invitation Mail To Create A Password’ is selected the email for the password will be sent automatically.  

Important Considerations: 

  • In case you just want to add them to your account, select Do Not Assign the Course. And the list will still be imported without any course being assigned to the users. 

Importing Users For Course Access With A Specific Course Access Expiry Date

In case you wish to ensure that the course expires after a specific date specifically for this list of imported users, follow the process below:

Example: Provide course access to a new set of users imported into the site for only 5 days. 

To enable this, first go to that specific course, under settings, select the course access duration for new learners to 5 days. Imported the users, give course access. Automatically the course will be assigned for 5 days. Once the list is imported, reset the course to the original expiry duration for all new enrollments. This will leave the 5 days’ access option on for new users and all new enrollments will still get the original date. 

Here’re the steps : 

Importing Users with course expiry date


  • Select Courses> Course>YOUR COURSE
  • Go to Course Settings
  • Scroll to Set Course Expiry In Days
  • Fill in the no. of days, press ENTER 
  • In Confirmation Pop Up, SELECT Only For New Enrollments  
  • Click Okay To Proceed 

Once this is done, import the list of the users as per the process listed above in Import users in bulk and give access to the course. Post that follow the process below again:

  • Once the list is imported, head back to the course settings of the specific course. 
  • Scroll to Set course expiry in days
  • Fill in the original course expiry no. of days, press ENTER 
  • In Confirmation Pop Up, SELECT Only For New Enrollments  
  • Click Okay To Proceed.

Note: How To Import Users In Multiple Courses

If you wish to add/import users in two or more courses, you would need to add/import the same user(s) again and select a different course.