Course Bundles

Bundles let you bundle up courses together and sell them with multiple courses in a single package and with flexible payment options like free, one-time payment, subscription/membership, monthly payment plans (EMI), and even allows you to give a free trial to your users.


  • This is a premium feature that is available with Professional and Power plans.
  • To use the feature, subscription payments should be enabled on your payment gateway and your users' chosen payment option as well.
  • Payments for Bundles can be processed via Knorish Razorpay payment gateways or using your own custom payment gateway as well. However, recurring payments have been blocked/ banned in India as per the recent Reserve Bank of India Guidelines.  As such recurring payments cannot be processed from Indian payment gateway accounts.
  • Revenue of purchases can be found in earnings and will be part of the payout.

Follow the steps listed below to set up your bundles

Razorpay Subscriptions Error

Payment failed and course access

Setting up course bundles

Setting up a bundle ready for sales generally involves these steps and some important considerations:

  • Creating a bundle
  • Adding courses in the bundle
  • Setup payment options and pricing
  • Add any coupons for discounts
  • Setup user sign up and checkout on the landing pages or bundle page with the payment links

How to create a course bundle?

Steps to create a new course bundle:-

  • Go to Course > Bundles
  • Click on the New Bundle button
  • Type the bundle name and click on CREATE button
  • You will be taken to the bundle course selection page
  • You can add courses or a category that has all the courses in it.

Note: This choice can't be changed later.

How to add courses in a bundle?

You can manually add the courses you need from the dropdown by clicking on ‘Select a Course’ or automatically add all current and future courses by selecting the option ‘Automatically add all current and future courses.’

Select each of the courses from the drop-down by typing in the course name and click on Add.

Important Considerations

  • Choosing the automatic option will always automatically continue to add new courses to the bundle.
  • In case you happened to switch the single or multiple courses to all current and future courses OR single or multiple categories to all current and future categories, then you will see a warning.

    All currently selected courses will be removed and all learners who have currently subscribed to this bundle will automatically get access to the new courses.

After the courses have been added to the list, Click on Next > to access the settings page that comprises of select a pricing plan for your Bundle, Bundle Prices (Report) & Bundle Email Reminders.

How to price your course bundle or change other settings?

On the settings page, you can edit or update the bundle course's name and the thumbnail image - that will be displayed on your home or landing page.

When a student purchases a bundle, they will only be charged the price of the bundle and not for the individual courses included.

# Select a pricing plan for your bundle

You can create multiple prices for a course bundle by clicking on the 'Add' button.

  • Free
    Let's you offer free content to your users. You can optionally, set an expiry date to the enrollment duration for limited-time access post which users will be automatically charged in full.
  • One-Time Payment
    This option lets you charge your users a one-time fee to access your bundle. You can optionally, set an expiry date to the enrollment duration for limited-time access.
  • Subscription/Membership
    Charge recurring payments for your bundle. A subscription allows you to charge a periodic subscription fee to provide access to the content in the bundle. Each paid user is allowed max 1 year trial in the following format:
    • Days - Min. 7 Days & Max. 365 days
    • Weeks - Maximum 53 weeks
    • Months - Max.12 months
    • Year: Max 1 year
  • Monthly Payment Plan (EMI)
    Split your bundle price into monthly recurring payments. A monthly payment plan allows tenants to offer equated monthly payment options for the bundle price. Creators have the choice to offer a free trial period post which the user will be charged automatically. If a user needs to avoid the card getting charged, they are required to cancel the plan before the end of the free trial period.

Important Considerations

  • If the subscription is canceled by the tenant or their user then the user will still have access until the bundle expires (the next deduction date comes up) or the bundle is deleted by the tenant.
  • Invoice will not be generated in case of a trial period until the first charge is deducted.
  • Once a discount coupon is applied in Purchase and Renewal, the same gets applied on all auto charges until the subscription ends or expires.
  • If a bundle is unpublished, your users won’t be able to purchase it. And the users who have already purchased it will still be able to access the bundle and its contents.
  • If a Payment plan is edited or deleted, then it won't reflect on currently active subscriptions, they will continue to hold the configuration of the time of purchase.
  • Users can change the card linked with an active subscription. However, once changed it will only reflect after the next successful deduction. Don’t get worried if you don’t see it right away as it won't reflect right away. This is because the information is only updated upon successful purchase. If the card doesn’t go through at the next billing cycle, access to the content is blocked until renewal.
  • If a tenant wants to switch or disconnect the selected Payment Gateway, they need to cancel all active bundle subscriptions beforehand. As it is highly recommended that you don't change the gateway if there are ongoing active subscriptions.
  • Total Duration of the Bundles is min. 2 months & max. 1200 months. For unlimited access, enter the Total duration as 0.

# Bundle Prices
Once pricing is done, they will be listed on the same page.

You can copy the price link and use it on the landing page for selling the bundle or you could share this link with potential buyers. You can edit or delete any price in the future.

# Bundle email reminders
Here're a few preset and editable 6 bundle email templates created automatically with each bundle you create. You can customize any email or even add new emails of type Bundle Autopay Reminder.

  • Bundle Purchase Confirmation Customer
    This reminder email is sent immediately after the user purchases the bundle. You can edit this bundle but can't delete it.
  • Bundle Renewal Successful
    This reminder email is sent immediately after bundle renewal is successful. You can edit this bundle but can't delete it.
  • Bundle Subscription Canceled
    This reminder email is sent immediately after the bundle subscription is canceled. You can edit this bundle but can't delete it.
  • Bundle Autopay Failure
    This reminder email is sent immediately after bundle autopay fails. You can edit this bundle but can't delete it.
  • Bundle Autopay Reminder
    This reminder email is sent 1 day before the autopay charge on the user's card. You can edit this bundle and change 1 day to any other number.
  • Bundle Autopay Reminder
    This reminder email is sent 7 days before the autopay charge on the user's card. You can edit this bundle and change 7 days to any other number.

Important Considerations

  • You can add reminder emails of type Bundle Autopay Reminder if you want. Tenants can have a max of 10 emails set up in each bundle.
  • Users will receive all the setup drip event emails of the courses enrolled through the bundle.
  • They will be notified of upcoming live events and sessions scheduled within the courses included in Bundle subscriptions.
  • Users will get email notifications for live events and sessions of the course enrolled through bundled subscriptions.

Once done with bundle settings, click on the Next button. This will open the landing page set up for the bundle.

Landing page

You will see an Active theme or will be given an option to import the page templates.

Once you're done with adding courses and configuring your settings, pricing plans, and landing page, you can very much go ahead and click on 'Publish bundle'.

Important Considerations

  • If a course in the bundle gets unpublished then the user also loses access to it. So, consider not unpublishing a course without any genuinely valid reason or without notifying your students of any such changes.
  • To delete the bundle, tenants need to cancel all the active subscriptions first.
  • On purchasing the Bundle course option, students will only be charged the price of the bundle and not be supposed to pay the individual prices of each course that is part of a bundle.
  • After successful payment sometimes there could be a slight delay in bundle allocation as the payment gateway sometimes takes several minutes to share payment details.

How to see a list of users in a bundle, cancel a user's subscription or change the user's bundle expiry?

You can actually see the user's information on your Publisher dashboard.

  • Go to Course > Bundles
  • Click on any bundle name
  • This will open a list of users in a bundle

On this page, you can change the user's bundle expiry date and if the user has purchased a subscription, then you would be able to cancel the user's bundle subscription.

How to see a list of bundles or bundle orders purchased by any user?

To find user's bundles and bundle orders you need to search that user by email on the user's page. Then click on the user name, this will open the below page.

On this page, you can see all the bundles user has access to.

If you want to see regular order or bundle order details by this user, click on the next tab "Orders". This will open below page where you can see 'Course orders' and 'Bundle orders'.

How a buyer can change his card, cancel subscription, or download invoices?

If the user has purchased a bundle subscription, then it would be available on the user's dashboard subscription page, here's a screenshot : 

On this page, the user will be able to change his card and cancel his subscription. Every time, user's credit card is charged, invoices will be available on the invoices page.

How to see bundle earning?

Bundle Earning dashboard will provide you with one-point access to your bundle's sales earnings in terms of currency (INR/USD), in terms of total courses sold, and the no. of ongoing discount coupons, etc.

We'll show you how the dashboard works and can be accessed as follows: 

  • Go to Transactions > Click on Earning
  • Now you will see two tabs 'Course Earning' and 'Bundle Earning', Click on Bundle Earning

In addition to course bundle earning data visibility, you would also be able to download buyer's invoices generated by the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to create course bundle discount coupons?
      A separate dedicated coupon module is also built for selling bundles with discount coupons.

      To access bundle coupons:
    • Click on Transactions > Coupons
    • On this page click on the 'Bundle Coupon' button

  • On this page, you can create bundle coupons with different possible choices and settings.

Important Considerations

Selecting Price Discount will work only for one bundle at one time. While selecting Percent Discount will work for all bundles or the multiple selected bundles.

    • How to connect a button with bundle price?
      There could be multiple prices for a bundle, all prices are listed on the bundle setting page.

      If you want a certain price connected with a bundle on the landing page or any other page, copy the price link from here and use it in the popup.

    Note: Currently, we don't have bundle checkout auto-linking unlike the course here. You need to manually copy the price link and paste it into the LINK textbox.

    • What happens when a user buys a course bundle?
      After the successful payment, users will be redirected to the users' dashboard where all the subscribed bundles and purchased courses can be accessed by them.

    • How will purchase tracking work with the bundle?
      All tracking events will act as usual, as there is no cart and wish-list in the bundle so these two events will not work.
      Apart from this, purchase tracking variables will automatically change as follows:
      •   {{coursenames}}  => Bundle Name 
      • {{coursenames}} => Bundle Id
      • {{coursenames}} ⇒ Bundle Order Id
    • Users can use the specified variables in the snippet, which will work fine in both cases: Course and Bundles.

    Errors & Messages

    1. Razorpay Subscriptions Error

      razorpay subscription error
      Usually, this error appears for users on the checkout page when your Razorpay account's subscriptions feature is not enabled for all the supported banks and cards. Please get in touch with Razorpay to enable this for you.

      *Supported banks and cards for Razorpay subscription can be found here: 

    2. Payment Failure and Course Access Error
      If a user fails to pay the monthly/ quarterly installment, they will lose access to the courses in the bundle.