How to create a blog with only categories as dropdowns?

You can convert your blog categories into dropdowns in your Knorish account. This allows you to direct your site viewers to specific sets of blog posts directly. 

Login to your account and begin from your website while in preview mode. Then, follow the steps given below to know the entire process:

NOTE: Is your blog activated on the site? To know how to activate the blog, read: How to set up a blog on your Knorish site?

  1. Once the blog is activated, head to your blog page and copy the URL for the entire blog page while copying it to your clipboard.
  2. You can see categories on top of the page as highlighted in the image above.
  3. Go to the required category which needs to be shown as a drop-down.

Adding your blog’s link to your menu

Follow the steps as highlighted below:

  • On your Dashboard, select the ‘Pages’ option within the ‘Website Builder’. 
  • In ‘Pages’ click on ‘+External Link’ as highlighted in the illustration above.
  • Click on ‘+New External Link’ to create a new page for each category

  • After clicking on the button a new external link page will appear. As we are creating a new external link page for only “All blogs category’ fill in all the required details in the page as shown in the image above. 
  • Copy the URL for all blogs and paste it in ‘Link’ space as shown in the image above. 
  • You even need to name the page and click on the toggles below the spacing to display and publish the page. Further completing all these, click on the ‘Save’ button. 
  • Repeat the same process for all the remaining 2 pages.

Create a drop down in the menu

  • Go to the ‘Menu Manager’ in the ‘Website Builder’ option in the left toolbar. 
  • Drag and drop them below the blogs and slide them slightly to the right as shown in the illustration below

  • In the ‘Menu Manager’, drag each of the pages to the left within your main blog page which is ‘Insights’. 
  • This is done to enable the drop-down menu for each of the 3 categories for which we had created the pages.
  • Click on ‘Save’ to make these changes up and running. Now head back to your website in preview mode to confirm the changes.

The blog with categories as drop-downs will be created in the menu. In case you don't see the changes, log out and open the site in incognito/ private window.