How do I create a knowledge base or the FAQ section for my website?

With Knorish you can create a knowledge base or an FAQ section for your website on Knorish. To do this, there are 2 ways:

  1. Add the FAQ snippet in edit mode
  2. Integrate a CRM such as Freshdesk and create a knowledge base

Add the FAQ snippet in edit mode

    If you wish to add a FAQ snippet to a page, you can follow the steps highlighted below:

    • Log in to the Knorish site
    • Open the page in edit mode where the FAQ section has to be created
    • In the right snippet panel, scroll down and select the FAQ snippet
    • Drag the snippet into the desired position on the webpage
    • Change text and add questions & answers
    • To add multiple snippets for adding more questions, click the ‘+’ button
    • Click on Save to save all changes

    Integrate Freshdesk & create a knowledge base

    To learn how to integrate Freshdesk into your account on Knorish read Freshdesk Integration. After you have integrated Freshdesk, head to your Freshdesk account & follow the steps as highlighted below:

    • Click on ‘Solutions’ on the left toolbar
    • On the new page, select the FAQs section to start creating the FAQs for your website
    • To add a new FAQ, click on ‘New Article’ as shown in the illustration above
    • Add the title to your FAQ in the space shown in the illustration above
    • After adding the title, write the given FAQ by using the space provided to add the answer
    • Click on ‘Publish’ to make this FAQ live on your knowledge base
    • Publish all FAQs

    How to add this knowledge base as a menu on my website?

    To begin this, copy the domain for your Knorish base to your clipboard & follow the steps as highlighted below:

    • Click on ‘Website Builder’ on the left toolbar
    • Select the ‘Pages’ option to add a new page
    • Since Freshdesk is an External Link, click on ‘+External Link’ to add the new page
    • Change the page name to FAQs
    • Paste the domain link from your clipboard to link your knowledge base to your website
    • Make sure both toggles are active so that the Knowledge Base can be seen on your menu
    • Click on ‘Save’ to make the page live
    • Click on Menu Manager in the dashboard in the Website Builder
    • Rearrange the page as per the requirement
    • Click on Save