Can I have a custom form at the time of sign up?

Currently, the default options available at sign up for students are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password

Additionally, creators can customize the sign up page with two more options:

  • Background image 
  • Phone numbers

Currently, beyond the background image and the phone number addition, form customization is not possible. 

Adding a phone number and changing the background image


Sign up and login image

Login to your account and access the dashboard. Click on SignUp and login under the ‘Settings’.


Here, you would see two options on the screen. Account pages background image and Phone number on sign-up form. 


Click on change button and upload a new image as needed. To add number column on the sign-up form, toggle on the ‘Display phone number’ as shown in the image above. With this now you will be able to record phone numbers of your learners as well.