How to add Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp chat tool to my site

Add facebook messenger or whatsapp to your Knorish site and provide instant customer service to your learners

Learn how to add Facebook messenger or WhatsApp to your Knorish site and provide instant customer service to your learners.

Please note: This is a workaround to integrate WhatsApp on your Knorish site since WhatsApp currently does not support website integration. One would need to apply for WhatsApp for Business which is a long and tedious process and subject to very strong anti-spamming and community rules.

However, this workaround can be used to create a WhatsApp button on your Knorish Site. To enable this option, you could use several tools that offer the service. In this instance, we have used GetButton.

Get the WhatsApp button

Adding the code to your Knorish site


Step 1: Get the WhatsApp button

→ Choose the app

To use the tool, simply access and choose the messaging app you would like to use.  Follow the steps as highlighted below:

Generating Whatsapp Code Steps
  • Enter the WhatsApp number you would like to use
  • Customize your button as you deem fit
  • Copy the code
  • Enter your email id to receive the code in the email. The site will also share the code after clicking on 'Get Button Code'. 
  • Copy the code and head to your Knorish Site

Step 2: Adding the code to your Knorish site

  • Access the publisher dashboard, and click on 'custom footer code' to access the footer code section.
  • Click on Start as shown in the image below, copy and paste the code in the footer here from the chat tool and click on Save


→ Once done, open the site in Incognito mode and you will see the chat tool is enabled.  Now you have a WhatsApp/ Facebook chat button on your website!

TIP: While this workaround is a great fix to use WhatsApp on your site, we recommend you consider using a standard chat tool offered as part of a Customer Support Tool for this purpose which offers many more features specifically designed to cater to this need.