How to add Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp chat to my site?

Add Facebook messenger or Whatsapp to your Knorish site and provide instant customer service to your learners.

Please note: This is a workaround to integrate WhatsApp on your Knorish site since Whatsapp currently does not support website integration. One would need to apply for Whatsapp API for Business which is a long and tedious process and subject to very strong anti-spamming and community rules.

However, this workaround can be used to create a WhatsApp button on your Knorish Site. To enable this option, you could use several tools that offer the service. In this case, we have used GetButton. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Choose the messaging app 

  1. Login to
  2. Choose Facebook messenger/Whatsapp icon or BOTH
  3. Insert Facebook Page Id/ Whatsapp no. 
  4. Customize the buttons>Live Preview 
  5. Enter your email id or click on 'Get Button Code'.
  6. Copy the code and head to your Knorish Site

Step 2: Add the code to your Knorish site

    1. Go to website builder>custom code>header code
    2. Paste the code > Click on Save
    3. Go to your site in incognito to see the button enabled

      Great! Now you have a Whatsapp/Facebook chat button on your website. 

      Important Considerations:

      While this workaround is a great fix to use WhatsApp on your site, we recommend you consider using a standard chat tool for this purpose which offers many more features specifically designed to cater to your needs.