How to automatically add courses to your site and launch course library?

A course library helps the learners to filter through the various options available to choose the best course. Here’re the steps to publish your course library and to add the library to your website's menu.

A. Publishing Your Course Library


  • Login to your Knorish site dashboard
  • Select Course Library Settings in Courses
  • Scroll to the bottom, tick Checking this box will make….../library
  • Move on to the next options Search & Filter Settings
  • Tick the options that are relevant to your course
  • Choose the Card Design
  • Click Save

Important Considerations

In the Search & Filter Settings, the following 4 choices are available to select from:

  1. Display search box
  2. Display category filter
  3. Display reader level filter
  4. Display language filter

B. Adding Course Library To The Menu

Once you have opted for Make the Library Live, the next step is to add the library to your site's menu. Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Copy the Course Library link
  • Go to Pages section in Web-site builder
  • Click on the New Page option
  • Fill in there details like Type, Page name, etc
  • Paste the copied link of the Course Library in Slug
  • Now scroll down & select display in top menu, display the top menu on page
  • Tick the Publish this page
  • Save 
Once done, your course library would be available on the site's menu for users immediately.

C. Arranging The New Tab on the Menu


Now, to arrange the new link added to the menu here are the next steps to follow:
  • Go to the Menu Manager in Website Builder
  • Place the new tab on its desired location
  • Preview and Save
Now your course library is placed correctly on both the site and the menu. 

Important Consideration 

To enable the Course Library Settings feature, ensure that all your course pages are created as course pages and not as pages. 

Hope that helps! In case of any further queries, please contact us.