Create course, website or landing pages

Building and customizing awesome pages with Knorish is simple.

Building a Page

There are two ways to build a page once your course is published. 

    1. Using A Pre-Installed Theme
    2. Blank Page

Using A Pre-installed Theme

Here's a quick video to understand how to create a page:

Note:  For course pages, please publish the course first so that you are able to connect the buttons with the checkout.

Step by Step instructions are as follows:

In case you have already installed a theme for the website on your Knorish page, the process to create a course page becomes a lot easier.

After publishing the course, head to the landing page section and pick the template that you wish to use as your Course page, and start editing it. 

Once the theme's content has been placed, you can start editing the text, images, and everything else on this page as per your choice.

To understand in-depth how to make changes or edit a page, you can also read: Customize Your Knorish Account Website's Pages.

However, please ensure to click on save (at the bottom of the screen) before clicking on the Preview button to ensure that all changes are saved.

Blank Page

Knorish's site builder tool allows you to quickly edit any page including the course page. To start building your course page from scratch, click on start empty >create course page.

Once you arrive at the course page, you would notice a blank white screen. You'll need to build the entire page section by section here.


To learn how you can build the page from scratch, read how to customize a page.