How to create a contact us form and check for queries submitted via the form

Contact us forms are a great way to interact with your customers and answer their queries. In this article, we will show you how to create a contact us form and check for queries submitted via the form.

Watch this quick video to learn the process


To enable the form, login to your account dashboard. Click on the Website Builder and select the ‘Pages’ option in the builder.

To create a contact us page, select ‘New Page’ as highlighted in the image above.

On the new screen, complete the information required as shown on the page above. Since the new page will be a contact us form, type in the name of the page accordingly.

After this scroll down to select a template for this page. For your reference, we will be using a blank one so that we have selected ‘Start Empty’ as shown in the image above.

Then select the highlighted 3 listed buttons as shown in the image above. A “Success”  popup will appear on the screen and clicking “Ok” will successfully create the page. Then you will be taken to the ‘Pages’ section on the Website Builder again

Now head to the “Menu Manager” section in the Website Builder. You will be able to see that the “Contact Us” page is created but will be on the top of the screen. Click and drag the green button before Contact Us to a position you find suitable. And click the Save button. 

Once done,  in the pages section, you need to click on the 1st button in the “Actions” column for the Contact Us Page. This button shows Edit in Builder, as now we need to edit the form we created for the user.

Clicking this button will lead you to the Website Editor as shown in the image above.

Here you can see the Contact Us form section being available in the Section List. Select this section to see how this will look from the viewers' perspective. Click on Save to get this form up and running

How to check for queries raised by a prospective customer through this Contact Us form and respond to them

To check the messages received by the clients head to the settings section in the Dashboard of your course website as shown above and click on “Contact Messages”.

On the Contact Messages Page you can reply to the messages via an email. You can use the Reply Button that is highlighted above or can directly look at the message from the Notification feature from the Dashboard itself.

By opening the notifications you will see the new message that has popped up. Clicking on view will take you to the Contact Message page.

Now after you are onto the Contact Message page click on the Reply Button and the popup as shown above will appear. Type in the reply and click the “Send” button to reply to the prospective customer. A Success popup will appear and click Ok to continue.

Once done, the email will be sent to the user directly.


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