How to enable URL redirection on my Knorish site?

URL redirect (also known as URL forwarding) is a technique which is used to redirect your domain’s visitors to a different URL. With the integrated URL redirecting feature on Knorish, you can forward your older URLs to new URLs.

This feature is used when moving to knorish site from any other tech platform such as WordPress or others and you would like to redirect old URLs to new URL on knorish platform. This way you can maintain your SEO ratings by redirecting user to different URL.

Note: Knorish supports extension less URL redirect, and of types 301 and 302.

Steps to URL Redirection

  • Create a new URL (Page, Link, etc) on the site built with Knorish
  • Enable URL redirection
  • Test URL Redirection completion

To learn more about how to create a page on your site with Knorish, learn more here: Adding a page 

    How to find the URL of a page created on your Knorish site?

    1. First go ahead and build the page in the ‘Pages’ section under ‘Website Builder’ 
    2. Once that is done, under the ‘Pages’ section, go to the URL you wish to redirect, hover over to the ‘Slug’ section & copy the URL

    Add & enable the copied URL

    1. Once you have copied the URL, click ‘Settings’ in the left tool & go to ‘URL Redirect’
    2. On the new page, type the following command followed by pasting the copied URL:

      Redirect 301 /old-url-here /page/new-page-on-knorish

    3. Once done, click save - you have successfully enabled URL redirect for your domain on Knorish 

      Test URL Redirection completion

      To test the results, copy paste the old URL on your browser & you would be redirected to your knorish site URL that you had used.

      Redirect user from only Home page or any other page

      There is another use-case, where you would like to redirect user to your another site from your knorish site home page or any other page.

      You can do this by using custom codes on your page 'Header code' as given below.

      Redirect user from knorish subdomain to custom domain

      Another use-case, where you would like to redirect user to your custom domain from knorish subdomain. You can achieve this by using custom code, as given below.