Disabling or enabling course access for a student via course expiry

In this article, we show you how to revoke or enable access to a course after purchase for a student. Using this feature you can either extend or block the access to the course for a specific student.

Note: When a course expiry date is set up, updated or changed for a course, learners are not sent any automatic emails for course completion prior to the expiration. Creators would need to send an email manually.

Extending access to a course with the course expiry date feature

Ideally, courses by default do not have an expiry date unless selected as such. As a course creator, you have the option of selecting the number of days post which the course shall expire. Once any course has an expiry date set, the learners of the course will not be able to access the course after that specific expiry day.

As shown below, you can set the course expiry in days and any changes in the expiry day will impact all users who have or will purchase the course in the future. In case you don't want the course to expire, please select 0.

How to extend the expiry date for specific students

Rather than increasing the course expiry for all students, this option can be used specifically for those students who need more time to go through their course content.


After you log in to the dashboard, click on the Course Name. 

Then  on the next page i.e. Course users page, follow these instructions: 

    • Under Search Type - Select 'All Users Who Purchased This Course'
    • Type In the name of the user
    • Select the date range when the course was purchased by the user
    • Click on search to find the user
    • Click on the spanner icon
    • On the pop-up, mention the date in DD-MM-YYYY format. This would be the new expiry date for this specific user.
    • Click on save and the date would be extended automatically.

You may repeat the process for each student as the need may be. 

Revoking access to a course with the course expiry date feature

Revoke Course Access for a student

For students that have access to multiple courses on your academy, deleting the student's information will lead to that student losing access to all the courses. To block access to a specific course, setting up a course expiry date to a past date will revoke the access to that course. 

  1. Log in to the Dashboard
  2. Access Courses under Course
  3. Click on the name of the course
  4. Under Users - locate the user
  5. Set the course expiry for the user by clicking on the green colour icon to the extreme right under Actions.
  6. Click on Save

By selecting a past date, the student's access to this specific course will be revoked instantly. When the student tries to access the course, they will be redirected to the access expired page as shown below.