Installing a theme

Building your site on Knorish is easy. Simply install the theme, change text and images and the site will be ready.

This article will show you how to install a website theme for your site. Later you can just change the text and the images, add your videos, connect the buttons with other pages, or the payment checkout. 

Here are the steps to access the Theme Library and install your website theme:

  1. Log in to your account with Knorish
  2. Access the Dashboard
  3. Select Themes under Website Builder 
  4. Preview the themes and choose a theme
  5. Click Install to install the theme and its pages

Note: Every time a new theme is installed, all existing pages are unpublished and are available for edits or deletion, under ‘Pages’ in the Website Builder. In case, you need those pages, you would need to publish them again.


Important Considerations:

Can the website theme be changed after designing the website?
⊗ Caution: It is not recommended to change a theme after designing your website. Installing a new theme after a site is designed would lead to all current pages being unpublished, loss of all custom CSS and custom JS Codes added in the site pages as well.


Also, can multiple themes be used on the same website? No, multiple themes can’t be used on the same website. In case you install multiple themes, only the latest installed theme will remain published and all other theme pages being unpublished.