Chat tool on Knorish - accessing, disabling and responding to queries

This article shows you how to access the in-built chat tool that is used by learners to respond to student queries or disable the chat tool in case you don't want to enable it.

Note: This chat tool is only available to users who have signed up on your course and are accessing the course content. 

To learn about adding an external chat tool on your site, learn more here: How to add an external chat tool

Chat Tool Access

You can access the chat feature to respond to queries posted by your students for an online course.

The chat option consists of all the questions that are asked by the learners. This would also include information such as learner name, date of the question asked, and responses provided. Additionally, instructors can also

    • Filter questions
    • Search for questions out of all the queries asked by the learners
    • Add a comment or a question to the learners

Accessing the Chat Tool

To access the chat feature, follow the steps as highlighted below:

access chat feature gif

  1. Go to the ‘Course settings’ section under courses in the dashboard.
  2. Hover the cursor over the course for which chats have to be accessed. Select the spanner icon i.e Builder.
  3. Click on the ‘Preview Course’ button.
  4. Click on the ‘Chat’ button displayed to the top right of the screen. 

    Responding to a query

    1. Click on the question that you wish to answer which will open a new page as shown in the image above. 
    2. After you are done responding, click on the ‘Post your reply’ button below the answer space. This way your answer will reach the learner.

    Disabling the Knorish chat tool

    1. Log into your Knorish site
    2. Go to Course>Courses>
    3. Hover the cursor over the course for which chat has to be disabled. Select the spanner icon i.e Builder.
    4. Click on Settings
    5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. 
    6. Toggle the button on/off to Disable or Enable in-course chat

    With this, you can access the chat feature on your account on Knorish and respond to the queries posted by the students.