Can I set a sales limit for my course?

There are times when course creators prefer only a certain number of enrolments in their courses or live training sessions such as small group coaching sessions etc. This feature allows you to limit enrollments to a specific number of students.

Here're the steps to follow:

Limit Course Sales 1
  • Go to Course > Courses > Settings
  • Scroll to bottom > Limit Course Sales 
  • Toggle Key is Off by default
  • Turn it On to Set Course Limitation 
  • Enter the no. of sales allowed 

That’s it. The limit on the course sales will be enabled.

Important Considerations

  1. The course must be published and have a price assigned to allow users to enroll.
  2. Once the course sales limit is reached, future attempts to buy that course will bring an error message for the user saying “Sorry, all seats are full now!”
  3. Limit course sales count should always be greater than number users already enrolled in the course.