How can I send automated WhatsApp notifications to my users using WATI through Pabbly Connect?

This article will guide you on how to send automated WhatsApp notifications to your users with the help of WATI through Pabbly integration.

Pabbly Integration is available on select paid plans. If you wish to upgrade your subscription plan in order to use these features, please contact our Support Team or upgrade your account from your Knorish Dashboard under Plan & Billing.

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Next steps after setting up an account on Wati

Once your account is set up on Wati, follow the steps below:
    • Select Broadcast and click on New Template Message
    • In this Template, you will need to fill up the details like "Template name, Category, Language, Header, Body, Footer, CTA’s" etc
    • A preview of this WhatsApp message will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • This needs to be set up in your Wati account in advance as they can take around 48 hrs to approve/reject the message.

How To Setup Pabbly Connect On Wati

  • Login to your Knorish site dashboard
  • Go to Settings > Integrations > click on Pabbly Connect
  • Click on the Pabbly app private link 
  • Sign up or Sign in
  • Click on Accept the App
  • Click on Create Workflow 
  • Under Choose your First application, select <Knorish>
  • Under Trigger Event select <Course Purchased>
  • Copy the Webhook URL and paste the Webhook URL into the relevant field in your Knorish Dashboard. Click on Test & Save.
  • Head back to Pabbly and under Choose your next application< select WATI>
  • Under Action Event, select< Send Template Message >
  • Click on Connect 

To add a new connection, you will need to fill up the API Endpoint and Access Token that can be accessed in your WATI Dashboard

  • In the WhatsApp number field, select the dynamic field < Phone number>
  • Select the Template that you have created on WATI (The template must be approved by WATI for you to be able to select it here)
  • Enter a Broadcast Name
  • Save & Send Test Request

Please note that using this example, you can set up multiple other such automations for any of the below triggers available either through Pabbly

  • Contact Form Submitted
  • Course Completed
  • New Signup
  • Course Purchased
  • Live Session Joined
  • Course Abandoned Cart
  • Bundle Abandoned Cart
  • Bundle Purchased