Add Videos To Your Online Course

Videos are a great way to increase the engagement levels in your online course. Knorish's online course platform allows you to videos that are saved on your computer/PC/Laptop. To do so, follow the steps as highlighted below:

Adding Videos

  1. Once you login to the dashboard, hover over to the left toolbar & click on ‘Course’
  2. From the drop-down, click on ‘Courses’
  3. On the new page, hover over to the course you want to change the name to & click on the green spanner button
  4. After you have written down the name of the chapter, click on “Add video file” to select a video & click on “Open”
  5. Once you click on add video file, select and add the Video File from your computer & your video will be uploaded!

Note:  You can upload a max of 2 GB video per chapter.