How to enforce course structure compliance to ensure learners follow the required progression on your knorish site?

The Course Compliance feature on Knorish is designed to enhance learning experiences by ensuring that participants engage with the course content in a structured and sequential manner. This feature is essential for those who want to maintain a controlled environment where learners must complete certain prerequisites before advancing further in the course.

Two primary settings facilitate this: "Enforce Chapter Order" and "Enforce Assessment Passing." Enforce Chapter Order ensures that learners must complete each chapter in sequence before moving on to the next. Enforce Assessment Passing requires learners to pass an assessment before advancing to subsequent course content. Enabling this option will automatically activate "Enforce Chapter Order" to maintain logical progression in the course. 

This feature is available only in select plans. Please check Knorish Features page for more details.

How to access the Course Compliance feature on Knorish and enable it?

Accessing the Course Compliance feature on Knorish is pretty straightforward, allowing you to quickly implement structured learning paths for your courses.

Course Compliance

  • Log in to your dashboard on Knorish
  • Navigate to the 'Courses' tab and select the course you wish to modify
  • Click on the builder icon to access the course curriculum
  • Next to the curriculum section, click on the 'Publish' tab
  • Scroll down to find the 'Course Compliance' section towards the bottom of the page
  • Use the toggle switches to enable either or both of the following options as needed

💡 Important Considerations

  • When the Enforce Chapter Order feature is enabled, participants must progress through the course in the designed order. This means that they cannot access Chapter 3 without first completing Chapters 1 and 2, thereby enhancing the learning structure and ensuring comprehensive content coverage.
  • Enforcing Assessment Passing stipulates that participants must successfully pass the assessment at the end of a chapter to proceed.
  • Activating "Enforce Assessment Passing" automatically enables "Enforce Chapter Order" to ensure the logical sequence is maintained.
  • When multiple restrictions are enabled, the content unlocks in the following order:
    • Drip Content
    • Enforce Chapter Order
    • Enforce Assessment Passing
  • When course compliance is applied to an existing course, users currently watching content out of the original order will encounter locked sections and must adhere to the new sequence.
  • If new chapters are added after a student has completed a portion of the course, they must complete these new chapters to continue.
  • For users who have already watched or passed an assessment in a chapter, that content will remain unlocked even if new compliance settings are applied. However, unwatched chapters will be locked according to the newly set order.
  • If a student fails an assessment and exhausts the permitted attempts, they cannot progress until they are allowed to retake and pass the assessment.
  • Avoid adding course compliance in courses with live sessions, as it could block access to the live sessions if they follow an assessment chapter. To avoid access issues, schedule live sessions earlier in the curriculum or separate the live sessions into a different course and give your learners access to that course as well.