What data can and can not be retained upon cancelling my account?

Thinking of cancelling your account? Why lose all the progress, student data and hassle of storing content and data someplace else? Downgrade your account to a lower applicable plan or reach out to our teams to find out more options!

You can also reach out to us via email or phone here:

Upon canceling your Knorish account, the following data retention and control aspects are important to note:

  • As an admin, your access to the account will continue. You are still able to access your admin dashboard, however, with restrictions.
  • All existing recurring subscriptions and payment plans are canceled. Any monthly or annual subscription plans, or payment plans are cancelled.
  • You do not get refunds of the remaining period of the subscription.
  • All course access is stopped for your students. Learn more: What happens to lifetime access to courses if the site shuts down or the subscription plan expires?
  • All active funnels & funnel builder based automations are stopped immediately may be stopped as well.
  • Plan specific functionalities such as the integrated Zoom, Drip, certificate authentications, Reminders & other email notifications may be stopped immediately upon cancellation. 

Note: We recommend exporting any lists or files prior to canceling. It is likely a good idea to move your content elsewhere and share access information with your students prior to fully closing your Knorish account.

Data That Can Be Retained

    • Customer Subscription Payments: Since you're using third party payment gateways, your customers will continue their subscription payments until you or they cancel it. This means you retain the control over the payment processes even after cancellation of your Knorish account.
    • Financial Records: Any financial records or transaction history related to your account should be retained within your payment gateway accounts like Stripe, razorpay or instamojo. To export the transaction data you can refer to the following article to get the step by step process for the same: https://knowledge.knorish.com/earning-dashboard
    • Customer Data: Before canceling your account, you should export any customer data, email lists, or contacts you want to keep, as you may lose access to this information once the account is canceled. Further, to get the backup your users data you can export it from the dashboard> users> all users> export. Here is the reference article for getting the video tutorial of the same: https://knowledge.knorish.com/number-of-users-in-a-course-or-all-courses#Check-Users-Data-On-The-Site
    • Third Party Integrations & Webhooks: All connections to third-party integrations, webhooks, and API connections will be severed, and data associated with these integrations will no longer be available.

Note: Currently videos once uploaded on Knorish, cannot be downloaded. 

Data That Cannot Be Retained

  • Content Backups: Please create backups of your content outside of Knorish (such as saving your course materials, videos, and other digital content on your own storage devices or cloud services), to retain this data. Once your account is canceled, you may lose access to the content you've created or stored on Knorish. This may include courses, memberships or subscriptions, and any other digital products or content you have developed.
  • Quiz & Survey Responses: Any quiz and survey responses will be permanently deleted.
  • Assignments: All assignments will be permanently deleted from the platform.
  • Course Progress: Information regarding course progress will also be permanently deleted.
  • Customer Access: Your customers will lose access to the products they have purchased from your site. This means they’ll be able to log in to your site but will not be able to access the content they previously had access to.
  • Website and Platform Functionality: The site and the landing pages may continue to exist. An additional pop up will be added that would reflect the cancellation of the subscription and a message to reach out to the admin being shown to the users. Any additional functionality related to your Knorish website, such as sales funnels and related email campaigns will become inaccessible.