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Connect your domain or subdomain name on Knorish

This article goes over the basic steps on how to connect your custom domain or subdomain to the https://YOURSITE.knorish.com site created at Knorish.

Covered in this article

Get a domain name

Purchase a domain from a domain registrar such as GoDaddy etc., or if you have one already, then you can connect your existing domain. To learn how to purchase a domain, read here: How to buy a domain name in 3 steps on GoDaddy

Note: It's not mandatory that you buy the domain from GoDaddy. You can choose any domain registrar of your choice to make the purchase.

How to connect subdomain on Knorish

Connecting your subdomain is a straightforward and quick process that won't take up much of your time. Refer to the video and steps below to easily connect your subdomain.

Follow these steps to easily connect your subdomain on Knorish:

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How to connect root domain on Knorish

Connecting your root domain (aka primary domain) is a straightforward and quick process that won't take up much of your time. Refer to the video and steps below to easily connect your root domain.

Follow the steps below to effortlessly connect your root domain (aka primary domain) on Knorish:

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Note: While using GoDaddy (and some other domain providers except Cloudflare), you might encounter limitations when attempting to create a CNAME record with the @ (representing the root domain). These providers do not offer domain flattening  features. In such cases, consider implementing domain forwarding from the non-www version of your site to the www version.

How to connect domain or subdomain using Cloudflare on Knorish

In any case if you want to consider Cloudflare as your DNS solution or you may have purchased domain from Cloudflare, you can do that as well similar to above approaches. Refer to below video and steps to connect your domain using Cloudflare.

Follow the steps outlined below to seamlessly connect your domain using Cloudflare:

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Note: You may not need a CNAME record for _acme-challenge when the domain is already on Cloudflare and its proxy is ON.

Change or update domain or subdomain

Once you have successfully connected your domain or subdomain, you might need to change this in the future. To change this in the future, you need to disconnect it and then connect your new domain.

Block Knorish subdomain results from search engines when a custom domain is connected

In case your website is not ready for indexing, you can select the option to stop search engines from indexing the site

If you are ready to have the site indexed by search engines and want to connect your domain or subdomain, you may not want to see the SEO results pointing to the Knorish subdomain.

Note that when a custom domain is connected, the robot setting will allow SEO and indexing for your custom domain or subdomain. At the same time, it will disallow SEO for the knorish subdomain. You will still be able to access your site with the existing knorish subdomain however that has no bearing whatsoever.

Note: Search engines take time to recrawl your site, so if you have made domain changes or changes in search engine settings recently, you need to allow sufficient time for search engines to update the results. You could get the site indexed faster with the Google Search Console. Learn more here: Get site indexed by Google faster