Enable course completion certificates & allow students to download them

The platform can automatically issue a course completion certificate when a student successfully completes a course. Certificate templates are also available that you can choose from or create a custom-designed certificate.

How to enable a course certificate on your course?

  • Login to the dashboard, select Courses, click on the Course Name.  
  • Click on Settings on the next page
  • Certificate download allowed - should be turned on
  • Add author name, author designation, logo, and signature 
  • Select Certificate Template for the course

Note: To create your own custom certificate, read this FAQ: Creating Course Completion Certificates

How can students download the certificate?

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For a student to be able to download the certificate, the user's course watch progress and assessment progress must be 100%.  You can review each user's course watch progress and assessment progress in your dashboard > analytics > user engagement.

NOTE: If the assessment progress doesn't show as 100%, please ensure you have reviewed the user's assessment submissions. Instructions on the same can be found here: Assessment completed but did not get the course certificate

You can also share the below instructions with the user on how to download the certificate after course completion:

  • Click on OVERVIEW on the course delivery screen
  • Select Certification
  • Click on Download Certificate

The certificate will be downloaded in the PDF format.