Certificates: Enabling, Downloads & Checking For Download Status

The platform can automatically issue a course completion certificate when a learner successfully completes a course. Certificate templates are also available that you can choose from or create a custom-designed certificate.

How to enable a course certificate on your course?


  • Login to the dashboard, select Courses, click on the Course Name
  • Click on Settings on the next page
  • Certificate download allowed- should be turned on
  • Add author name, author designation, logo, and signature 
  • Select the Certificate Template for the course

Note: To create your own custom certificate, read this FAQ: Creating Course Completion Certificates

How can students download the certificate or share it on social media?



  • For a student to be able to download the certificate or share it on social media directly from the academy, the user's course watch progress and assessment progress must be 100%
  • You can review each user's course watch progress and assessment progress in your dashboard > analytics > user engagement.
  • If the assessment progress doesn't show as 100%, please ensure you have reviewed the user's assessment submissions. Instructions on the same can be found here: Assessment completed but did not get the course certificate
  • Please note that once a user finishes the course and assessment and downloads the certificate, the certificate date will stay the same as the initial download date. If the user downloads the certificate again later, the date won't change and will remain consistent with the first download date.

You can also share the below instructions with the user on how to download the certificate after course completion:

  • Click on Dashboard on the course delivery screen
  • Select the Course & then select Certification
  • Click on Download Certificate/ Click on social Icons to share on social media

The certificate will be downloaded in PDF format. From the same screen, your learners will be able to share the certificate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as they choose. 

How To Check If A Student Has Downloaded The Certificate?

  • Access Analytics
  • Select User Engagement
  • Select the requisite Date Range from the dropdown
  • Under Certificates, Select Downloaded and hit Search

💡 Important considerations:

-Should you wish to download the data, click on export, and the entire date-range-based data will be exported in a CSV format. You will also be notified of the export via email on the admin's email ID.

-If additional chapters/sections are added to the course(s), it will affect the user's course progress.