How to create email reminders for course expiry?

Enable a reminder email for your learners to let them know which courses they are yet to complete on your site and when it is expiring. This increases user engagement and ultimately, course completion before the course expires. 

About This Feature

This reminder email provides an update to your users that the content/course they have signed up for is about to expire. The emails are branded with your website’s logo and site name.

Within the learner email template settings, you have the ability to edit this email template to better match your branding, or include additional details you would like to provide to your users. Learn more about customizing your email templates here: 

How to Set the Reminder Emails for Course Expiry?

    • Go to your website’s dashboard and access the Courses section
    • Click on the Builder icon of the course for which you want to set up reminder emails for Course Expiry
    • Head to the Publish Page and update the Course Expiry in days. Learn more about setting Course Expiry here:
    • Click on the Add a reminder email here option and you’ll be redirected to the Course Settings page
  •   Head to the Course expiry email reminders section
  •  Click on the Reminder email
  • Set up the email as required (before/after a defined number of days)

Important Considerations:

  • You can choose to send the reminder emails before/after course expiry and also define the number of days when the email should be triggered.
  • You can set up the universal email template by visiting Dashboard > Settings > Templates > select Course Expiry Email, make the necessary changes as required and Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many reminder emails can I set up for Course Expiry?
    You can set up to 4 Reminder emails for the Course Expiry.

  • Can I turn off/enable the weekly reminder email for a single student?
    No, but the student can opt-out of these emails if they choose to by visiting their dashboard > notifications and switching it off using the toggle bar.

  • At what time these emails will be sent?
    The email triggers will begin at 12:00 AM IST.