Live Events: How do I conduct live events or set up pre-recorded webinars with Knorish?

This is another feature available in Knorish wherein you can use YouTube and other online meeting solutions for conducting live events.

Note: For conducting Live Sessions with the inbuilt Zoom Feature, refer to Live Sessions with Zoom

This article shows you how to conduct live events with Knorish. Follow the steps as highlighted below to conduct your live training/webinar sessions:

Step 1: Set up the Live Event


  • Login to your Knorish site
  • Go to Dashboard>Courses
  • Create a new Course>‘name of the course’
  • Add the “Name of the Event” in Section
  • Add a Chapter> Click on Live Event>Create Live Event
  • Complete the event details: Date … Starting Time… Ending Time….Time Zone
  • Display Message …Include a thank you message for registration.Log in back <Date, Time>
    • To use Google Meets, Zoom, Teams or any other such tools, simply add the meeting link here.
    • In case you wish to go live with YouTube, use the next step instead.
  • Choose Streaming Location --> Embed YouTube Live Stream Code
  • If you wish to set up a pre-recorded video, click on upload video file and add the video file. 
  • Click ‘Save’

Next Step: Create Email Reminder

To inform your enrolled students about the live event, you will need to create an email and schedule its delivery.


Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Fill in the Email subject
  • Write a message in the Email body
  • Set the delivery time (UTC)
  • Send Test Mail  & Click ‘Save’ 

You have now successfully created a live event that shall play to its audience when you go live at the designated time.

NOTE: Once you have created an event, you must customize the landing page for your course and publish it.