Does Knorish support SCORM, Tin Can or AICC Reporting and how can I use SCORM content on Knorish?

In this article we answer how to enable SCORM based content on Knorish. Discover the benefits and limitations of embedding content using third party authoring tools or LMS and find out our built-in reporting features for tracking user progress and engagement.

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Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) has been an established technology standard for quite some time, with its most widely used version dating back to 2004. SCORM provides a customizable content package that can be created and managed through a third-party content provider tool as lesson content.

Does Knorish support SCORM content, Tin Can API or AICC reporting?

Knorish can host content created in third-party authoring tools such as SCORM, Tin Can, and AICC with limitations when it comes to reporting. 

The content can be added in courses by using the Embed feature on Knorish. However, you would need to check if your content authoring tool allows you to create iFrame for your content.

Learn how to embed iframe content on knorish: Embed Course Content: How to embed videos, google forms, slides, docs, sheets or other content in your course?

A note about third-party content authoring tools

Systems that use servers like SCORM, Tin Can, and AICC come with specific requirements that may result in higher costs for managing them on those platforms. As a result, it is common for systems that support these servers to charge start-up fees and bills per user. The main benefit of these servers is their ability to track a user's progress; however, with the emergence of cloud computing, at Knorish we have developed our own cloud-based software that can be accessed on any platform, and tracks student progress and activities, eliminating the need for costly servers. 

With Knorish, should you upload the course content directly, you eliminate this additional cost.


What type of reporting is available in Knorish if I embed my content using iFrame?

If you embed your content using iFrame and host that in Knorish, you will be able to use our built-in reporting. Our reporting is focused on progress through the course, which includes overall lesson views and completion.

Under User Engagement, you will be able to view user based specific engagement data such as:

  • User Name
  • Course name
  • Days to complete the course
  • Course progress
  • Assessment progress
  • Last watched on

This will be besides the overall data such as Total Courses, Total Users, Total Assessments, and Total Certificate Issued.

Learn more about Reporting here: User Engagement Reports