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Your Knorish Account Site: Access and Modify

Here’s how to sign in and navigate further? 

This article shows you how to access your account and how you can proceed further. 

Sign in to your Knorish site

  1. Access your welcome email sent by Knorish
  2. Click on login at the top right 
  3. Enter your Email Address>Password
  4. Click Submit and continue

Navigating the Knorish Site -  A Quick Guide

Once you are logged into your site, there are a few main areas for you to access and get going. That includes the Admin Dashboard, Website Builder, Course, Course Builder, and Settings.  

The Admin Dashboard

Your Admin Dashboard is the first thing you come across once you have installed your theme and signed in to your Knorish site as Site Admin. Here is where you manage and access your course pages and settings through the Dashboard Menu. 

Elements of the Dashboard Menu include:  

  •  Course
  •  Users
  •  Analytics
  •  Transactions
  •  Plan & Billing, etc

Website Builder 

Website Builder is where you can build out all of your Site pages like Home Page, About Page,  Contact Us Page, etc. 

Here’s how you can access it: 

  1. Go to Dashboard Menu 
  2. Select Website Builder 

See How to install a theme, customize site pages, and create your site for more details.


The Course is where you can access and create your courses and course library.

  1. On the dashboard, Go to Course>Courses
  2. Search your course or Create your course here

Course Builder 

In the Course Builder, you can create/upload your lesson content, set up your course pricing, etc.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Select Courses>Specific Course

See Create and Set up Your Course for more info. 


Settings available in the Dashboard

This is where you can access various Settings for your Site and Courses to be edited including:  

  • Site (Organization, Sign up & Login)
  • Interactive Content & Notifications (Blog Settings, Notifications, Spotlight, Contact Messages, Email Pipeline)
  • Integrations & More (Integrations, Templates, URL Redirect)

So, above is a brief overview of how you can access and create your amazing online site on Knorish. Detailed FAQs can be found at Knorish Knowledge Base. In case of any further support required, contact us here.