How to track users who have Abandoned carts? 

An abandoned cart occurs when potential customers start the checkout process for an online purchase but drop out before completing it. These users have shown initial interest by creating an account, which suggests they were considering purchasing a course or bundle but decided against it during the checkout process. Fortunately, since they registered their email addresses and shared other contact information during the sign-up stage, you have a direct way to reconnect with them. This provides a valuable opportunity to transform those interested individuals into paying customers.

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How are abandoned cart users defined? 

Typically, the checkout process on Knorish involves users first creating an account by providing their name, email, password, and any additional details required on your sign-up page. Following account creation, users are redirected to the checkout page to complete their payment and gain access to their selected course or bundle. Should a user not finalize their purchase for any reason, it is up to you to determine the duration after which an uncompleted transaction is classified as an abandoned cart.

Do note that by default, a cart is considered abandoned if the purchase is attempted but not completed within two hours. You can change the settings by following the process listed below.

How to set up an Abandoned Cart In A Course Or Bundle?

Setting up an abandoned cart is straightforward. Below, we'll walk you through the specific steps needed to configure your abandoned cart settings. These steps also apply when setting the duration for abandoned carts in courses or bundles.

  • Access the Dashboard
  • Select Courses and click on course name
  • Select Settings 
  • Under the Abandoned Cart section, mention the number of minutes after which the cart is to be marked as abandoned.
  • Click Save

How to view/download the user’s data who have abandoned the cart?

To view or download data for users who have abandoned their carts, follow the detailed instructions provided below. These guidelines are also applicable for accessing abandoned cart data related to courses or bundles.

  • Go to your Dashboard and access Courses 
  • Click on the name of the course 
  • Under the Users section, apply the relevant date range and under Search type ‘’select Abandoned cart users,’’ then click on Search 
  • The list of users who have abandoned their cart for this course checkout will show up on the page
  • Click on Export to download the data
  • Then click on 'You can track export here'
  • Finally, click on the button on the right to download the report
  • Additionally, a notification email will be sent to the primary admin about the report's availability once ready

💡 Important Considerations

  • You can set up the Abandoned cart setting anywhere between 10 minutes minimum to a maximum of 720 minutes.
  • However, if you are looking to automate reaching out to visitors who abandon checkout, we recommend looking into our Zapier integration or Pabbly integration. This is often set up with an email marketing or a WhatsApp solution and you will want to create an automation that uses the New User and New Full Enrollment triggers.
  • Essentially, you will also want to reach out to users who signed up but have abandoned their carts. Since this is set up outside of Knorish, we aren't able to provide specific instructions. However, Zapier and Pabbly both provide excellent support if you have questions and want to learn more about what is possible with Zapier and Pabbly