Notifications and preferences

Discover how to customize email notifications for your students or admins in your Knorish Account

This guide will walk you through the process of customizing these notifications to ensure that you receive only the most relevant and important information. Whether it's about drip emails, live session updates, or system alerts, you're now in complete control.

User Notifications

User notifications are email notifications that will be automatically sent to your learners on certain specific triggers such as live session reminders, funnel emails or drip emails. 

The email list includes notifications such as Drip emails, Funnel emails, Live session reminders, Live events, Course expiry, Team notifications, Direct emails, Bundle autopay failure or reminder, Bundle subscription canceled, Contact reply, Purchase successful, Course or bundle assigned, and Account invite.

Here’s how to customize them:

  • Login to your Knorish Account
  • Access the publisher dashboard
  • Select Notifications under Settings
  • Access User Notifications
  • Turn off or on select notifications
  • Or should you wish, you can also Turn Off All Notifications

Note: To edit any of the email templates, please click on Edit on the right and you will get instant access to the template for that notification type

Knorish Notifications 

There are several types of Knorish notifications. that will be sent periodically to you such as monthly GST invoice email, Course or bundle purchased by user email, Payout processing, Payout processing, Payout processing, Data error,  Bulk user import successful,  Knorish subscription purchased and App rejection email. 

Here’s How To Access Knorish Notifications

  • Login to your Knorish Account
  • Access the publisher dashboard
  • Select Notifications under Settings
  • Access User Notifications
  • Turn off or on select notifications


  • You cannot modify or edit these notifications, only choose to receive them or not.
  • To turn off all email notifications, select the radio button - Turn off all email notifications. 

System Notifications

To check which emails were sent from your site, follow these steps: 

Here, you will see all the unread knorish notifications under system notifications based on your selections on Knorish Notifications. 

All unread emails are marked with Dark Grey hue. You can click on the open icon to read the notification and will be redirected to the page where the data point is available.  

Note: Clicking on ‘Read All’ will automatically mark them as read. 

Notifications Management As Users

Learners and admins and other users can also customize email notifications from their accounts directly.

For example, if you don't want to receive email notifications about when your course was purchased by a user, you can simply turn it off on your dashboard.

Here's how users set up email notification preferences for themselves

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Profile on the dashboard > Select Profile > Notifications
  3. Enable/ or disable subscription status by selecting against email type
  4. Save Preferences
Learner E-mail Notifications Types
  1.  Drip email - New content unlock email when the drip is enabled on the course. More details: How to enable drip functionality on my course
  2. Funnel email - When emails are scheduled on the Webinar Funnel page.
  3. Live session email - For the email reminders scheduled when using the Knorish integrated Zoom feature. More details: Live Sessions With Zoom: Student Login Experience
  4. Live event email - Reminder emails when using the live event feature (for conducting live sessions using an external platform like Google Meet, YouTube live stream, etc). More details: Live Events: How do I conduct live events or set up pre-recorded webinars with Knorish?
  5. Course Expiry email - Reminder emails set by the admin/site owner when the course is approaching expiry.
  6. Team email - sent to share a message or an announcement to the entire team which could be a group of students, teachers, or administrators.
  7. Direct email - sent to share a message or an announcement to a specific user/learner.
Note:  In all the email notifications sent to the users, the users will now see the following message at the bottom of each email to set their notification preferences or unsubscribe.