The Student's Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is the page on your Knorish site where your students access their courses.

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About This Feature

The Student's Dashboard is the page that students land on when they sign in to their account on your Knorish site. On the Student's Dashboard, student users see the course cards for the courses in which they are currently enrolled.
From this page, they can click to resume or start courses in the Knorish course player and here's what the student dashboard has :
1- Live sessions scheduled
2- Ongoing courses
3- Spotlight details
4- All the enrolled courses
5- All the enrolled bundles

How It Works?

When a student signs into their account on your Knorish site they will be taken to their student's Dashboard. The dashboard is personalized for each student, depending on which courses they are enrolled in. If a student is enrolled in a Course Bundle, courses included within the bundle will be displayed as individual course cards on the dashboard, not as bundle cards. 
By default, the course cards on the Student Dashboard are arranged in order (from left to right) by last accessed. That means if a student's course cards start out arranged as 1, 2, 3, 4 and the student clicks into course 4, that course card will move to the front. The course cards will be arranged 4, 1, 2, 3 the next time the student goes back to their dashboard.
 The student profile icon has the following options:
1- Home- To directly go to the home page
2- Dashboard 
3- Profile
4- Invoices
5- Cart
6- Subscriptions
7- Notifications
8- Logout

How The Course Cards Work?

Students can use the course cards on their dashboard to access their courses directly. The link on the right (which shows as Continue, Continue Watching or Replay Course depending on the student's progress) will open the Knorish Course Player, as will clicking on the name of the course or the course card image. 

Additional Considerations

  •  If a student's enrollment in a course expires, the course card will disappear from that student's dashboard. If they re-enroll in a course from the same student's account, their progress in the course will be saved and the course card will reappear on their dashboard.
  • Clicking on the See All menu, on the right-hand side of My Content, will allow students to filter their enrollments by course progress. The search bar on the Student Dashboard searches a student's enrollments by Course Name, Sections, Chapters, and Downloads.
 Customize Your Students' Dashboard Page
The Student Dashboard is a Default Page, which means the sections described above will appear automatically. You also have the option to add additional sections under these default sections. Here're the instructions that will help you customize the student dashboard: Customize User Theme