How to create & promote Webinars at your Knorish site?

To create live webinars through your Knorish site, you will have to do it in 3-easy steps:

Here are the instructions to  follow: 

Setting Up the Schedule 

  1. Go to your Dashboard > Courses > Create a new course > Enter Course name 
  2. Click on Add Live section > Single session 
  3. Select ‘’Create and schedule reminder emails’’ if you want to schedule an automated reminder email 1 hour before the scheduled start time of the session.
  4. Fill in the details such as Session name, start & end date & time, time zone, and the webinar session thumbnail.
  5. Save > Next > Confirm

Important Considerations

  • You’re selecting a single session as this is a webinar that you’re conducting. 
  • In case you plan to conduct multiple webinars as a challenge or a series, select multiple sessions and update the details accordingly within the course. 
  •  You can create additional reminder emailers while you set up auto-reminders for the learners Go to the curriculum page of the course > content > edit session settings > under Create email reminders, click on +Reminder email (there the sample email is already available, you just need to set up the scheduled email delivery date and time)


Filling in Webinar Details 

  1. Go to Settings in the Course 
  2. Fill up the details. Click for Instructions here
  3. Click on Publish Course button 

Creating a landing page to showcase and get people to sign up for the webinar

With the above two steps done, your webinar is all set up. Next step will be to create a landing page for the users to register for your webinar. 

Here’re the steps: 

  1. Go to the landing page section 
  2. Select the template>edit the template
  3. Link the call to action buttons. Click for instructions here.
  4. Switch off the other menus. Click for instructions here


Here’s the page where users land to register for the Webinar once you promote it. Clicking on the Button that you have linked with the course/session you have created above, users will be redirected to the signup page, checkout page and post-payment, they will be able to see a JOIN NOW button which will be activated as soon as you start the session/Webinar. 

Which link do I share with users to register for the webinar?

So, this page’s URL is the one that you can share with your users via SMS, Whatsapp, Email, etc and also run ads on the same link.

You can share the meeting link as well (Guest speaker link) however, there are certain advantages of setting up Webinars without sharing the session link directly such as: 

  • Paid webinars - In the case of paid webinars, based on the course price set up in the dashboard, you can ensure, any user is able to attend the webinar post sign up and payment only.
  • Registered users - This information can be found in the dashboard by clicking on the name of the course in the dashboard > users section.
  • User joined attendance - The list of users who have attended the session can also be tracked and downloaded from your dashboard
  • Certificate download - Automatic certificate download for course/session registration.

Note: This feature is available from the Professional plan onwards.

  • Automation - Sending reminder emails to all registered participants, you can schedule the email delivery date and time (higher attendance rate) with no manual intervention required at all. 
  • Secure - Only registered participants will be able to join the session by clicking on the JOIN NOW button ensuring none of the non registered participants are able to join the session.
  • Landing page promotion instead of ZOOM LINK promotion - Once the landing page is set up, you have the option to run ads on the same page (using the page’s URL).
  • And many other benefits. 

Here, are additional resources you can explore to conduct Live sessions at Knorish: