Payment Gateways: Why do I need them? How do I use a payment gateway on my site?

This article helps users to efficiently manage payment gateways on Knorish.

Here's what is covered:

What is a Payment Gateway?

An online payment gateway is a tool that automatically connects your bank account to the platform. It's a software or an application that allows you to conduct/accept online transactions through various payment modes.
On Knorish, you can integrate multiple payment gateways, offering your customers various ways to pay. You can also rearrange the gateways for a better checkout flow and effortlessly set a default gateway. This means you give your customers choices, improve the payment process, and ensure seamless transactions, enhancing their experience.

Payment Gateways Available On Knorish (And steps to integrate)

These need to be integrated and managed by creators.
Each of the above payment gateway offered by Knorish has its own unique features and advantages that allow a seamless payment experience and flexibility for users in managing their payments.

Rearrange and Offer Gateway Of Your Choice

Got multiple Payment gateways? We've made it even easier to handle payments on your student checkout page. Now, you can rearrange integrated payment options according to your preference – no coding needed! Just use our drag-and-drop tool to set up the order you want. The payment gateways will reflect on the checkout page as per your sequence selections.
And there's more! You can smoothly choose a default payment option that fits your checkout strategy perfectly. This guarantees a smooth payment journey for your users, making their experience super convenient. Follow the steps shown in the video above to make it happen.